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Bring your dreams too fruition without being a slacker. We’ll provide you with the correct tools that you need in order to study your riding habits in a proper way.


Integrates HRM connects to BLE heart rate straps // Sync Data Fee data ingestion fee // Tracking Resolution speed and position calculations per second // Tracking Satellites better accuracy in heavy tree cover & canyons // Helmet Mount recommended mounting // Corner Analytics sensor capabilities



LCAT Training Sack

Our training sack has all that you need to stay focused during your day of Motocross training or even at the gym and on the go. Carry this with you throughout your riding session with LCAT and allow it to be a helpful collect all tool for your most important essentials.

You Get These Things + More

Gym back, Water Bottle, LITPro Device, Cliff Protein Bar, Athlete Hat (w/ sun deflection visor), Athlete Sweat Band, Athlete Shades, Printed Training Schedule, etc.