Learn Line Selection + Starting + Jumps + Cornering

LCATMX CAMP strives to teach riders a proper technique for corners,  jumps,  starts,  line selection,  how to have a pro like mentality.  All together the focus at LCATMX CAMP is to help our fellow two wheeled enthusiast ride safer,  smoother,  and faster.   

Create Memories

If you're a core racer who's ambitious to win, LCAT MX-Camps will help you do so.  We provide a world class training program for everyday pros & weekend warrior riders. -   Enjoy tons of ride-time and create great memories with us off-the-track, too.  MX-Camps teach riders how to critically focus on safety and speed while improving their ability by clutching the best proven riding technique.

Fam & Friends

Events tend to see peculiar activities.  We've designed the 3-Day MX CAMP schedule to offer a lifelong learning experience for newcomers and true professionals.  Our team guarantees LCATMX will be a wonderfully unique trip for you,  your family and friends too. 

Go extra big on the track,  then chill with pals afterwards & compete in a mud-run.  We like to switch it up for everyone with different games per event!  Often Dodge-Ball tournaments get crazy & other times evening activities are mellow to enjoy a big screen outdoor movie with camp fire vibes & more Moto talk.  

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Gift Give-aways & Awards

Each Rider entering the camp will receive many goodies along with a schedule of events for training,  meals,  and other activities.  Custom T-Shirts & Awards are part of the fun.

About LCATMX and Landon Currier owner/operator.  He still teaches all-time knowledge alongside others at MX Camps.  Landon is most pationate about motivational speaking during camps and also loves to organize a great event.