Expected 2019 Customer Impressions at LCATMX Events

Based on the rider, family and community response to LCATMX our conservative forecast (impact reach) to your Company as a sound sponsor is as follows.

Estimated Rider Count per MX Camp: 50+ Riders

Approximate Total Guest Count per MX Camp: 100+ Spectators (we aim to run 6 camps annually. This is inline with previous LCATMX yearly calendars.)

Demographic: All ages

Estimated Rider Count per year Semi-private training: 240 Riders

In past years both LCATMX Camps Crew and LCAT ran classes/events combined throughout the months reaching 1,000+ riders and 500 total Guest/Spectators attendees per year. Of course, LCATMX Camps are known to be hosted at credible motocross facilities during privately rented hours.


LCATMX EVENTS FOR ALL AGES divided into separate training groups. we usually see more mid age riders at camp and lots of youth


Landon Currier & LCATMX



Within the mission of running successful “Pop-Up” Events ( Moto Camps ) for LCATMX Landon Currier will spend all other days of the year creating Motocross media projects of himself riding unique motorcycles in different prestigious atmospheres, in a profession fashion to reach a larger audience, drive community inspiration, and promote good times.

Riding efforts will consist of constant interaction with local motocross communities and riding with the crowds. Alongside a professional manner, LCAT team will appear grand at each event, nonetheless, looking and representing better than most.

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Please call 909-264-4209 if you’re interested in viewing LCAT sponsorship packages for 2019 and beyond;