“Improved My Confidence"

I think LCAT is the best training Camp and I wouldn't go with anyone else. I attended LCAT "Spring Camp" and it was the best thing I’ve done. I improved my lap times, even when the track was rougher, by over five seconds.

— L.F.

“Unforgettable Experience.”

For Christmas, I bought my family all LCAT "live-to-ride" hats. They all loved them.  Seeing them open the goodies was unforgettable.

— T.P.



LCATMX Events mission to fuel motorcycle culture by promoting good times through training camps and inimitable one-off Events for all by using competitive and innovative riding drills designed by proven world-class motorcycle racers.


— Everyone

Best-ever Motorcycle Vibes!

KRE_6553 2.jpg


It is no secret, LCAT is passionate about providing quality educational training camps for all Moto riders, assuring a safer & smarter Motocross future.


“ You Can't Help It”

The  MX-Camps are very motivational! You can't help but give it 100% during Camp.  The vibes all-around are about passion for Motorcycles and learning how-to ride successfully."

— O.B.



LCATMX offers a variety of different energy feels and different events monthly that separate riders age and experience to provide all of our participants a comfortable environment while they learn next to a similarly minded friend. In all cases, LCATMX offers optimal ride time.


“A Huge Opportunity"

Training at LCATMX Camps was a massive opportunity for me!  Being from Canada,  I don't get many opportunities to train with top tier coaches. I've seen LCAT now once, and it is one of the best training session ever.

— R.B.


"Becoming a Master"

LCAT has helped me become a master about all Motorcycles and how to ride them better.


"Ride My Own Race"

"LCATMX Camps gave me more confidence. When we started working on corners, I felt so much smoother. After starting LCAT program when I was racing it made me think more about what I was doing,  and how to ride my race."




If you're a core racer who's ambitious to win, our Camps can help you do so. Prepare for tons of riding and great times. Moreover, whether you're a seasoned racer or newcomer, your riding skills will profoundly enhance. Camps teach riders to focus on safety and speed all while clutching a proven riding technique. Events ensure lifelong-learning for every-day riders and sincere professionals from day one.